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Stephanie and Edithababy booties

Over the past week Stephanie and Andrew Olsen have spent in Mpanda. Stephanie has begun to teach Editha Kasagara, the President of the Mothers union, how to crochet. The plan is to teach the women in the Mothers Union in Mpanda how to make simple baby booties and then go in pairs to the rural churches and teach the mothers there. Baby booties are not just cute, they are also practical in keeping babies healthy. Also, if a mother enjoys the work, they could even start their own business selling baby socks and beanies. To accomplish this, they need to buy wool and crochet hooks. So they have decided to start a microloans fund and the interest will go to buying wool and hooks


Stephanie was able to join the local churches uniting for World Day of Prayer in Mpanda which is also the Women’s Day in Tanzania, by the Christian Council of Tanzania.


To help the Mothers Union start their fund, Stephanie made some chocolate cakes and carrot cakes to sell as a fundraiser for church on Sunday. They were very pleased to receive 95 000 TZ shillings, which the Mother’s Union decided to add to it themselves to reach 105 000 TZ shillings. This amount will now be used to start microloans for women in the Mother’s Union starting in Mpanda, and maybe if successful to reach the rest of The Diocese of Lake Rukwa.

The Mothers Union are always appreciative of any assistance. If you would like to visit Mpanda, even just for a week (like Stephanie did, you could help by bringing crochet hooks, or some skills and patterns to teach. Every skill can be useful, they welcome everyone.


Malima's Lifetime Short History

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MalimaHi all,

I would like to take this opportunity to write over Yakobo Malima's life history. Mr Malima served as our former employee in the Kizazi Kipya program as a Program Manager. He was promoted to groly on 21st February, 2018 at the Muhimbili National hospital where he was admitted after being diagnosed of cancer.

Mr. Malima was born on 04th July, 1987. He did his primary education at Buligi Primary school in Geita and then joined Kibaha Secondary School for his ordinary certificate of Secondary education. Thereafter, he joined Musoma Alliance Secondary School for his Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education. He then joined the university of Dar Es Salaam for a bachelor's degree in Sociology where he graduated where he was awarded Upper Second with Honors' upon completion of his studies in November, 2013.

He joined the Anglican Church of Tanzania Diocese of Lake Rukwa in December, 2014 as a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer in the Pamoja Tuwalee Program supported by USAID through PACT Tanzania and he also worked as M&E Officer in Access to Justice project from January to June, 2017. The Pamoja Tuwalee program ran up to May 30th, 2017 where it phased out and the Kizazi Kipya Program in which Malima worked as the Program Manager took over in June 1st, 2017.

Mr. Malima started feeling some pains along his throat at the beginning of 2017 and in May of the same year he went to Regency hospital for medical investigation of his problem. After several check ups at Regency and the Muhimbili national hospital it was discovered that the late Malima had cancer.  He began treatment at the Ocean Road Cancer Treatment center in early February this year but his healthy deteriorated and he passed away on 21st February, 2018.

I met with Malima's family in Dar Es Salaam and together we brought Malima's body to Mwanza. In Mwanza we met with more staff from Lake Rukwa Diocese, and we all travelled together to Malima's hometown (Ukala) to bury him there.

carboatcar on boatcoffin


We have sevelar things to learn from Yakobo Malima, his diligence, hardworking, and team building spirit. We will uphold him by imitating the good things and character he showed us.

By Rt.Revd. Mathayo Kasagara

Bishop and CEO - ACT DLR

The coming of Kevin and Karen Flanagan

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Kevin and karenKevin and Karen are missionaries with CMS Australia. They are coming to work long-term in the Diocese of Lake Rukwa in May 2018. Kevin is planning to train and equip Christian leaders to reach Tanzania's rapidly growing population with the gospel of Jesus. Karen will be helping co-ordinate the Mother's Union and pastor's wives. The diocese is still in the process of getting their work and residence permits. The church in Lake Rukwa Diocese is still young and there will be many challenges in making the church stronger. Please pray for work permits, and that Kevin and Karen will be able to stay for a long time without health or visa problems, and that they will be able to cope with the challenges.

The visit of Stephanie and Andrew from Australia

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steph andrewIn 2015, Reverend Michael Palmer visited Mpanda to help with the continuing education of ordained ministers in the Lake Rukwa Diocese, and stayed with Bishop Mathayo. In February 2018, his daughter Stephanie and her husband Andrew are visiting Bishop Mathayo because of the friendship between the two families. During their stay, Andrew will help in the office with I.T. since this is his area of expertise.

Paul Hunter's Travel to UK

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PaulIn January, Paul Hunter returned to the UK on furlow - that is, to rest, to fundraise, and to be an ambassador
between the Diocese of Lake Rukwa and his home church. He hopes to return to Mpanda in June. While in the UK, he will visit his family, especially his father who has been sick for a long time, and his four children who are working in different parts of the UK. Secondly, he will also visit the churches and individuals who have been supporting him during his three years in Mpanda. And thirdly, he will promote the needs of Lake Rukwa Diocese to those who have not heard. While he is in the UK, Lake Rukwa Diocese is working on a work permit and a residence permit for Paul, so that he can return. Please pray for Paul while he is away, for a successful trip, and for the work permit and residence permit.



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