Paul Hunter's Travel to UK

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PaulIn January, Paul Hunter returned to the UK on furlow - that is, to rest, to fundraise, and to be an ambassador
between the Diocese of Lake Rukwa and his home church. He hopes to return to Mpanda in June. While in the UK, he will visit his family, especially his father who has been sick for a long time, and his four children who are working in different parts of the UK. Secondly, he will also visit the churches and individuals who have been supporting him during his three years in Mpanda. And thirdly, he will promote the needs of Lake Rukwa Diocese to those who have not heard. While he is in the UK, Lake Rukwa Diocese is working on a work permit and a residence permit for Paul, so that he can return. Please pray for Paul while he is away, for a successful trip, and for the work permit and residence permit.



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