Work continues on Mpanda Cathedral

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Work continues on Mpanda Cathedral

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There were great celebrations at the beginning of January as the Mpanda Cathedral project completed a giant step forward. Experts from Mbeya completed the new roof and all can now see the new building taking shape.


This ambitious building project originally began in January 2009 when the foundation was laid. When Bishop Mathayo Kasagara first arrived in Mpanda in June 2010 the work had not progressed beyond floor level. The small congregation of around 30 was comfortable enough in the old church building and did not have the means to carry on with the work. Since then the congregation has grown rapidly and there are now regularly 300 people or more and on special occasions we have over 400 people worshipping together.


As the congregation has grown, so has the need for a much larger building and the vision and commitment to continuing the work. In 2012 work began on erecting the frame of the cathedral and once that was completed, the roof began to take shape. The finished roof now reaches some 12 metres above the ground and can be seen from the hills surrounding the town. Almost all of the work has been funded entirely by the Christians of the Anglican Church in Mpanda and they have been greatly encouraged to see the roof completed. It now provides shade in the sunshine and shelter when it rains.

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Whilst being justifiably proud of what God has enabled them to do, everybody is aware that there is still a long way to go before the cathedral is complete. The walls need to be filled in, the floor laid and all the finishings to the interior of the church and offices need to be completed. It’s a huge task but the encouragement of completing the roof has served to spur the church on to continue with the work and they are able to see that with God all things are possible.


Baptisms as Kamtimbo

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Baptisms at Kamtimbo


About 40 minutes’ drive from the town of Mpanda the small village of Kamtimbo can be found. It’s a scattered village of subsistence farmers, mostly living in houses made of hardened mud bricks and covered with grass or corrugated iron.


There has been a small local church at Kamtimbo for many years. For the last 15 years Stanford Mathias has been the evangelist (lay leader) and it has been hard work. In rural areas of the west of Tanzania traditional beliefs are still held very strongly and in some places, such as Kamtimbo, there are Muslims who have considerable influence. Stanford has preached the Gospel but seen little fruit from his labours.


On 21st February 2016 however there were encouraging signs of growth at the church. A man from the village and his son were baptised and members of another family were welcomed as members of the congregation. The whole church celebrated with a meal together and is praying for more people from the village to turn to Christ.





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