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The Diocese of Lake Rukwa (DLR) was established in June, 2010. In this short period of service the diocese has provided hope to and helped alleviate the needs of many. This paper is written for the purpose of sharing information and provides an overview of the Diocese. The document also highlights the aspects of church growth (evangelism activities) and community development the Diocese seeks to focus on in the near future.


The missionary Diocese of Lake Rukwa (DLR) was carved out of the Diocese of Western Tanganyika and was officially established as a diocese on 13thJune, 2010. It is located in the south western part of Tanzania in the geographical and political regions of Rukwa and Katavi. The Diocese covers three (3) Districts of Katavi region namely Mpanda, Nsimbo and Mlele districts and four (4) districts of Rukwa region namely Nkasi, Sumbawanga Rural, Sumbawanga Municipal and Kalambo districts.  Important features in the diocese include the Katavi National Park, Lake Rukwa and Lake Tanganyika.

The population of the area covered by the diocese is estimated at 1.5m as of the 2012 census. The main ethnic groups include kinga, fipa, bende, konongo, pimbwe, ha, sukuma, ndali, and hutu who are mainly refugees from Burundi.




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