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The diocese suggests several approaches and activities to meet the needs identified above


Gospel outreach is our mainstay and vocation. Our motivation continues to be that of redeeming the lost and strengthening of believers to be faithful to their Lord Jesus, and responsible citizens. We will therefore continue to:- 

  • Intensify evangelistic campaigns through evangelistic rallies, personal evangelism and witnessing through formation of cell groups, film shows and conduct follow up sessions for new converts. We will provide and distribute christian literature such as tracts and Bibles.
  • Hold regular fellowship through formation of fellowship groups in order to strengthen believers and organize seminars to equip them with skills for service.
  • Continue with church planting, building congregations in reached areas and help set up some necessary infrastructure such as pastors’ housing and church buildings.


 We believe that the capacity of the diocese needs to be strong enough for the diocese to achieve its vision and mission. This capacity will be built through;

  • Organizing broad based in-house training for all office staff. Training will be designed to cover areas such as report and proposal writing, training of trainers, monitoring and evaluation, group dynamics and overall understanding of community development.
  • Recruiting appropriately qualified staff to deal with the challenges faced by both the diocese and its respective target communities.
  • We will explore possibilities to acquire scholarships for staff and ministers to enable them upgrade their skills and advance their level of education.
  • Strengthening of believers in order to enable them envision their role in the church and actualize it.
  • Initiate appropriate church and or community based income Generating Projects through Church Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) so as to enable the church and the community to meet some of their most basic needs. This will also include some initiatives to facilitate pastors to run their own small income generating projects.


 We in DLR believe that sharing of information with others is a key principle to achieving our vision. Therefore, DLR will continue to seek to form partnerships with willing donors, and to strengthen existing relationships. We commit ourselves to;

  • Continue to supply feedback and reports to all our partners in time, and share our experience with them.
  • Hold reflection sessions regularly and conduct evaluations every year to assess our progress. We will document the results of the evaluations and share them with our partners.

Encourage our partners to make visits to us on a regular basis. This will help us to experience first hand, the impact that their support is creating at the grassroots level.



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